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A complete solution to build a loyal community, share technical analysis, market status or trading idea and get paid for your work.




Peer-to-peer multiple chatrooms

Offer 1:1 personal chat sessions with your members and discuss investing strategies. Invite them to engage with each other in the public chat and grow the strength of your community.

Monetise your content

Choose between a free profile and a subscription based one. Set a monthly/ annual fee while always having the possibility of monetising any individual post. Get paid directly in your bank account with 0 fees.


Get exposure from the explore page

You’ll be listed in the explore page where other users can see you, your accuracy and niches. Attract new users with your content activity, signal accuracy and increase your chances of getting subscribed.

Multiple posting tools

Create versatile content using our posting tools. You can add text, videos, images, post signals or technical analysis. You’ll always have the option of making your post free, exclusive for members, or pay to view.


Web 3.0 enabled

We embrace blockchain technology, that's why we implemented payments using crypto stable coin. You can transfer your USDC to an external wallet or convert it to FIAT directly to your bank account.

Benefits for Traders

Realtime insights

Get real-time insights of your success through beautiful charts and tables

Build up a professional trader account

Bring more subcribers to your account by completing your profile: Connect your Twitter, Youtube or personal website, and complete your bio description to gain more credits.

Explore traders

Get exposure from other community members. Be active, engage with your followers and get a chance to be nominated trader of the week.



Build up reputation and show your skills where it matters. Give good signals and show everybody you are a top notch trader.

Instant payouts directly to your bank

You’ll have safe transactions, no chargebacks and no fees.

Ad Free

Signally is ad free and forever will be.



What can we offer?


0.0% Payout fee

Signally has a 0% fee policy for traders, therefore there are no fees for receiving payments under the form of subscriptions or tips, as well as no fees for withdrawing money.

Welcome bonus

Even if you’re just starting out, we have a welcome bonus for everyone.


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2000+ Subs



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